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Upper half of Funicular Track

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Fully accessible to wheelchair users. Bottom and Top Stations have lift access to all facilities.

 General information
 Place (skiresort) CairnGorm Mountain
 Country GB
 Name of lift CairnGorm Funicular
 Type 120-SSB
 Lift manufacturer Doppelmayr
 Year of construction 2001

 Technical data
 Height of valley station 645 m
 Height of middle station(s) 760 m
 Height of mountain station 1097 m
 Vertical rise 452 m
 Route distance 1982 m
 Horizontal length ?? m
 Average incline 23 %
 Largest incline 40 %
 Number of pillars 96 Stk
 Track width 2 m
 Driving station Mountain station
 Tension station Valley station
 Tension type hydraulical (controlled)
 Tension way ?? m
 Rope manufacturer ??
 Length of rope ?? m
 Total weight of rope ?? t
 Rope diameter ?? mm
 Electrical engineering Frey
 Drive power (Start) ?? kW
 Drive power (Operation) ?? kW
 Brake power ?? kW
 Grip type ????
 Car manufacturer Gangloff
 Car model ????
 Seat cover none 
 Seat heater no
 Number of cars 2 Stk
 Persons per car 120
 Maximum capacity 1200 Pers/h
 Travel time 3.5 to 8 min
 Driving speed line 10,0 m/s
 Transport uphill 100 %
 Transport downhill 100 %
 Situation of entrance Double Loading System 
 Situation of exit Double Loading System 
 Construction period 30 Months

The CairnGorm Funicular is just under 2km in length, the majority is carried on a concrete viaduct, but the top 350m is in a tunnel. The haul rope is complimented by a lower tension rope and a short section of track between the bottom and middle station has a shallow reverse gradient.

The middle station is not at the passing loop, thus the Funicular must stop twice if both the up car and down car are picking up or dropping off passengers. This increases journey time from 3.5min (full speed) to around 7 to 8minutes.

Incorporated in the Top Station is the Ptarmigan Restaurant, Mountain viewing terrace, Mountain Exhibition and Shop.

The wide 2m track gauge is due to the high winds that often affect CairnGorm Mountain. The Funicular is permitted to operate for uplifting skiers in wind speeds up to 70mph (112km/h). It can be used for evacuation in higher wind speeds at reduced line speed.

The highest wind speed recorded at the Tunnel Mouth since opening is 176mph (284km/h).

The CairnGorm Funicular made it's inaugural journey on 23rd December 2001, 40 years to the day that the White Lady Chairlift (which the Funicular replaced) was inaugurated. The first full day of public operation was Christmas Day 2001.

The Funicular was a direct replacement for the White Lady and Carpark Chairlifts (1960s 2-CLD side facing GMD Mueller chairs).

Outwith the ski season the Funicular operates in a 'closed system' and the funicular can not be used to access the Summit Plateau, however walkers and climbers who make their own way up the mountain may take the Funicular Down.

During the ski season the funicular provides access to the high level nursery slopes at the top of the ski area as well as uplift for the mid and lower slopes.

The total cost of installation was £19.5million but around 1/3rd of the cost went on environmental impact mitigation. In some cases tower founds had to be dug by hand to avoid damage to sensitive peat bogs which are home to rare plants. Rocks with rare lichens and mosses had to be photographed, numbered, carefully stored and the returned to the same location they were removed from after construction!

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